Twin Falls Biotech CBD – Company Studies: CBD Product Development

There are many published studies on buccal cavity administration of cannabinoids – almost all funded by GW Pharma for their drug approvals.  Buccal cavity identified as the mouth and linings of the esophagus.

Twin Falls Biotech studied their millions of dollars of investment and research “in the best delivery of cannabinoids” by GW Pharma, as we entered the market space of CBD infused dietary supplements.

GW Pharma concluded, by Ingesting cannabinoids, it subjects them to the hepatic 1st pass degradation caused by the liver.  This reduces the bioavailability of the active rendering the active less potent to the body.  While GW Pharma chose a spray as their device to avoid degradation by the liver; Twin Falls has chosen the lozenge/chewable tablet method.

The point is to have the device deliver the active for as long as possible to the mucosal surface.  Their device sprays into the mouth and is absorbed by the buccal/sublingual mucosa.  The spray is not resident in the mouth for a long period and was not the most efficient method vs. other methods.  Walter Reed Medical showed that delivering actives using chewing gum as the delivery device is fast and efficient.  They tested the caffeine gum for use in the military where fast onset of action and effectiveness was paramount.  Twin Falls Biotech spent many hours with the lead researcher understanding chewing gum delivery.  Our conclusion is that the pressure from the mastication (chewing) of the gum creates pressure that helps force the active through the buccal mucosa slightly faster than the traditional lozenge/chewable tablet.

While this may enjoy a slight edge over lozenge/chewable tablet method, chewing gum is not an acceptable delivery method favorable to the 45+ and older markets with dental appliances.  Furthermore, educating the public to receive dietary supplements in chewing gum, in addition to establishing a regimen to “chew gum every morning or evening to medicate” is not a USER FRIENDLY method of deliver vs. the everyday process of a lozenge/chewable tablet.  

The delivery of spray, drops and gum was abandoned in the development of ArisiTol CBD lozenge/chewable tablets, to take advantage of the everyday already acceptable delivery regiments remaining, namely capsules and lozenge/chewable tablets.   Since capsules are direct to the stomach and are further diluted in the liver process, the inhalation nasal method and buccal cavity remains the #1 delivery method for ARISITOL CBD and Twin Falls Biotech related products.  Twin Falls concluded the nasal method was not as acceptable in a spray vs. lozenge/chewable tablet.

Conclusion:  Nasal sprays, chewing gum and capsules remain secondary to “user friendly lozenges/chewable tablets” to deliver dietary supplements to the blood stream for body enhanced wellness.

Other devices that deliver actives mucosally – nasal, transdermal, rectal – are considered drugs and cannot be labeled as either a food or dietary supplement product since they are not delivered orally.


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