Mission Statement

ICOMR is dedicated to identifying and promoting CBD products which are accurate in testing as well as transparent constituent labelling. In this work, ICOMR member laboratories randomly test member products as well as CBD products in the general marketplace for efficacy and toxic substances, and alerting consumers to products that are unsafe or otherwise do not meet the standards of the FDA or efficacy claimed.

ICOMR prides itself on educating consumers with direct lab results as well as clinical studies and increasing public awareness of the wide benefits of CBD as a natural herbal product providing relief and support of numerous medical ailments.

ICOMR is a trusted online CBD information hub and a breaking news resource for researchers, physicians, colleges, universities, scientists, product manufacturers, marketing companies and the general public.

ICOMR will continue to provide accurate medical news of CBD (Cannabidiol) ranging from biochemical, chemical and physiological studies of the endogenous cannabinoid system to studies of the potential medical benefits in the treatment of serious diseases effecting our general population. We are dedicated to the highest industry standards, and connecting the highest quality CBD information, people and products to the world in need.

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