ICOMR Membership Benefits
1.)  Your company products featured on click-throughs to your landing pages and purchase points.
2.)  Your company website featured on the ICOMR site with click throughs directly to your product.

3.)  Your company can be promoted by the industry product leaders featuring the logo on their websites and advertising materials. (we are an industry organization which supports and promotes all member companies featuring CBD)

4.)  Primary Membership – Annual Fee of $1,000 USD*

5.) Afilliate Membership  – Annual Fee of $500 USD*

6.)  Inter-Organizational Support and Exchange.

Please join and help us protect the CBD infused product manufacturers and distributors who are paying attention to FDA and FTC guidelines. We share common goals to promote and educate and the consumer and increase public awareness of the natural benefits of CBD as a safe and natural herbal product providing relief and support of numerous medical ailments.

Annual Memberships

Revenues support the news channels, press releases and promotion on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Newspaper Articles, Magazine Print, etc. The ICOMR membership is urged to put the ICOMR logo on company web sites and all marketing materials.  The mission is to  grow our industry from within, with an emphasis on integrity, product testing and a caring business model.  United, we can make a difference.