Could CBD company be teaming up with Hollywood and NFL with the movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith?

This Christmas CBD may finally get recognized in Hollywood for it’s incredible healing powers in “Concussion”, a movie starring Will Smith as Dr. Bennet Omalu: the man who changed football forever. The film highlights the disease Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), which was literally discovered, and named, by Dr. Omalu. Funny enough, Dr. Omalu has a background in Forensic Pathology with a focus on neuropathology, which means he studies the brains of the deceased. The movie stars big Hollywood names like Alec Baldwin, Luke Wilson, and Albert Brooks as characters surrounding the National Football League (NFL).

The movie is based off of the GQ article Game Brain, which opened the world’s eyes to what was happening to football players to make them go insane. Omalu, a doctor who is from Nigeria, was tasked with doing the autopsy on football legend Mike Webster (of Steelers fame). Once Omalu began the autopsy of Webster’s brain he couldn’t see any symptoms of anything that Webster was diagnosed with during his life. There wasn’t a single sign of anything wrong…but how could it be? Omalu became obsessed with this and continued studying the brain.

dr-bennetBefore Webster died he was suffering from many different symptoms including massive memory loss, depression, and pain. Lots of pain, so much that Webster couldn’t live a normal life. He lived out of his truck and couldn’t remember if he was ever married or not, despite divorcing from his wife. Webster decided to go get a lawyer, who helped him get disability from the NFL for his disabilities from his career. Omalu became aware of this and, after studying the brain for quite some time, ordered slides of Webster’s brain to be stained a special way.

As soon as Omalu put the slides under his microscope to be shocked at what he saw. There it was, exactly what he had been looking for. Omalu found what caused Webster to go crazy, and it was all over the place. Tau proteins. These proteins appeared to be brown and red splotches on the slides, slowly destroying Webster’s brain. After Omalu did some more studying, he posted his work in medical journals thinking the NFL would be happy about his findings.

Well, the NFL wasn’t happy. In fact, they were kind of pissed that this got out and completely discredited Omalu. Omalu persisted, and something incredible happened: He got a second brain. He continued his studying and wrote another article in the same medical journal he wrote in before…and the NFL got even more pissed and continued to discredit Omalu. And then Omalu got more and more brains…only proving that CTE is real and affects many of the football players that Americans call heroes.

The saddest part is that the NFL denied this for so long, saying Omalu was wrong. But he’s not. Omalu discovered CTE and now we can begin treating these heroes so they don’t suffer like those before them. Like Mike Webster.

brainThe timing on this film is particularly interesting because New Directions Behavioral Health has announced that they will begin treating NFL players for numerous conditions, including addiction and traumatic brain injury. Looks like the NFL has come around, acknowledging Omalu’s research and finally setting up guidelines around traumatic brain injuries.

So, what do the movie “Concussion” and New Directions have in common?

Two words: Kannalife Sciences.

Kannalife is a canna-pharmaceutical company that recently developed and patented a very potent CBD-like compound that is absorbed by the brain more effectively. This patent, KLS-13019, has the ability to help many people who suffer from, oddly enough, neurological conditions. Neurological conditions like CTE, which Dr. Omalu found when studying the brain of deceased football player Mike Webster. And it just so happens that Dr. Omalu is one of Kannalife’s key scientists, specifically in treating CTE.

This got us thinking…could Kannalife be teaming up with Hollywood and NFL with the movie “Concussion” to tell the world about Kannalife’s new CBD-like patented drug? Omalu’s research made such an impact on the NFL that the League was completely against the idea that the sport was responsible for CTE, saying that Omalu’s research was “flawed”. With the news about the NFL offering treatment for athletes combined with their loosening grip on rules pertaining to cannabis, it just can’t be a coincidence that this can all be tied back to CBD and what Dr. Omalu is finding while researching at Kannalife. Movies have predicted many different events in the world and it seems more than coincidental that Hollywood is putting out a blockbuster predicted movie on Christmas Day, right before the Playoffs begin.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that CBD is on the brink of becoming recognized not only by the medical community, but also by the government to be a very powerful medicine. CBD helps treat many neurological conditions and symptoms like PTSD, memory loss, depression, anxiety, and more. CBD can do this because of the special ways the cannabinoid receptors in the brain work with CBD.

All this leaves us wondering what’s coming next in the medical field for CBD. If Hollywood and major sports industries like the NFL are willing to be tied to someone who suggests CBD-like compounds to treat patients, what does that mean for the safe and legal CBD that is available now? CBD is scientifically proven to help heal and nourish the brain, it’s time America sees this. And Hollywood knows it. Why else have Will Smith play Omalu? This movie is destined to be an eye-opener in more ways than one.

Check out the trailer for “Concussion” below:

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